The SAND team performs applied research in Anycast services aiming to provide tools and recommendations for DNS operators.

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Anycast Catchment

Active monitoring the visibility of the anycast sites enable to use the historical graph to predict future traffic load.

BGP Route Annouces

Modify BGP route announces enables to change each site visibility and redirect traffic from one site to another.


Assist operators to accurately distribute the traffic load across sites is fundamental to develop a defense strategy.

Catchment investigation dashboard:


1 August 2018 Paper accepted to IMC 2018, see papers.

1 June 2018 New technical paper, see papers.

23 May 2018 The new website was published.

1 May 2018 SAND project phase 3 started!

5 October 2017 SIDN, .nl registry, follows our IMC2017 paper and move all its authoritative servers to anycast.

The problem that SAND address is that DNS operators have very few intelligent real-time tools that enable them to monitor their anycast services, for instance during a DDoS attack. Our goal is to develop, prototype and evaluate tools and recommendations for anycast system operators.

An essential part of the project is to active investigate anycast site visibility by the understanding of the dynamic relationship between Internet routing (BGP) and anycast services.

To accurately map the anycast sites visibility from the client perspective enables operators to carefully manage their systems and assisting in attacks response.

SAND is a joint project: