Technical reports:
Ricardo de O. Schmidt, John Heidemann and Jan Harm Kuipers.
Passive and Active Measurements (PAM) conference, 2017.
ISI-TR-2016-708. May 2016.

Giovane C. M. Moura, Ricardo de O. Schmidt, John Heidemann, Wouter de Vries, Moritz Müller, Lei Wan and Cristian Hesselman.
ACM Internet Measurements Conference (IMC), 2016.
ISI-TR-2016-709. May 2016.

Analysing the K-root Anycast Infrastructure

This research has been developed by the Bachelor student Jan Harm Kuipers. For this work, Jan Harm has been awarded with the best paper award in the conference of students on IT, at the University of Twente. Below, you find the interactive map with the main results of Jan Harm's research on the analysis of the anycast infrastructure of the K-root server. (Note that the interactive plot might take some time to completely load.)

Each mark in the map is one probe from RIPE Atlas (total of 500 probes). To understand the colors, consider that
  • Green probes were directed to the closest K-root instance in terms of both RTT and geographical distance.
  • Red probes did not reach the closest K-root instance either topologically or geographically.
  • Blue probes reached the closest K-root instance geographically.
  • Yellow probes reached the closest node only in terms of RTT.
  • Brown marks are K-root instances.